And so it begins…

I am currently adding info pages, and will “blog” once I sort through it all. Ferguson City Council meeting this Tuesday, June 12th. Anyone that wishes to show support for our garden, or to stand up against misguided government should attend. 7:00pm at Ferguson City Hall. My fiance and I will be speaking, and you can have 3 minutes of your own to voice your opinions. Thank you all for the continued support.


6 Responses to And so it begins…

  1. I have seen this in increasing numbers across the country, as more people are turning to growing their own food. In every case the end result was that the homeowner was supported by the people, and the council just ended up with egg on their faces.
    I think you should be made an example of- a wonderful example of how people should learn to be more self sufficient, help take the burden off the backs of the American farmer, and get more in touch with their food sources.
    Perhaps Council should face the fact that they cannot micromanage every plant in every yard, and encourage others to do what you are doing- and stop wasting water and space on lawns.
    Kudos to you!

  2. tazotealuver says:

    People are afraid of the unfamiliar….so sad that so many people don’t know what “food” looks like 😦

  3. virginia brown says:

    As long as you maintain borders and those required driveway etc. lines there should be no problem with the greenery/food garden/fruit trees/herbs etc. Perhaps the man that stopped to gawk at your place at length was admiring and analyzing your wisdom and knowledge! Maintain your coll and keep your wise garden lawn beautiful. I lift a prayer for you that will dispel the confusion and your home will be a model for your community in the future. Perhaps you start a small business to help others create their own food forests! Check out my friend Jai at organicliving .com We are in Pinellas county florida.

  4. virginia brown says:

    Your “lawn” is beautiful!

  5. plant propagation…

    […]And so it begins… « VegetableYarden in Ferguson, Mo.[…]…

  6. Donna says:

    Hopefully yours will be a “Victory Garden”!

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