Please let it be known, that while the City as a whole is not particularly in our favor, Code Enforcement/ Public Works initiated this situation. Council as a whole has been mostly indifferent, the City Manager is in a tough spot to be, and the Mayor has been as supportive as his position allows. Please do not let anger and hostility overshadow the issues at hand. I’ve tried to be meticulously articulate with everything on this site. Once things are shared, details can become askew the further down the line they go. For instance, I am not facing any jail time, which was stated today by a concerned advocate. Thank you all for the amazing effort in standing up for us.


8 Responses to *ATTENTION*

  1. Keep up the good work. I did send a note to the city via their web site to encourage them to extend their sustainability goals to the production of local food via gardens:) http://www.fergusoncity.com/Forms.aspx?FID=41

  2. Laura Johnson says:

    How absolutely ridiculous that your town is being so difficult. I think that your garden is beautiful and a vast improvement from the lawn. I wish you luck and admire your dedication to providing healthy food for your family.

  3. You have to get these guys where they live. Let the Mayor know that if he doesn’t get these guys off your back that you’ll make sure he’s voted out of office. They hate hearing that stuff.

    • ridiculed says:

      The Mayor has actually been very supportive. Sadly, he just doesn’t really have the power to “make it go away”. Let’s just say, he’ll have my vote in the next election.

  4. Cheryle says:


    […]*ATTENTION* « VegetableYarden in Ferguson, Mo.[…]…

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    […]*ATTENTION* « VegetableYarden in Ferguson, Mo.[…]…

  6. Sarah D. says:

    I know your Mayor as a decent person, I would trade him for our Mayor S. Welsch any day!

  7. Sarah D. says:

    In a Charter/City Manager type government, the Mayor cannot order city enforcement officials around. The Mayor is primarily a meeting head who can make deciding votes in a tie. The City Manager is who the enforcement officials work for, he is the one who hires and fires and the Mayor and Council cannot influence that in any way. The City Manager works for the Council but most issues need a vote from the entire Council before the CM can enforce it. Your Mayor is not at fault and was wise to bring this to a vote and by doing so he followed the rules.

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