Many Seem to Think…

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In several of the comments that have been left, a common thought is that I should “plant flowers” or other ornamental vegetation. Every plant in the garden was grown by a seed that I sowed personally. There are more than 10 flower bushes, and an equal amount of ornamental amaranth planted along the front perimeter of my garden. They were not bought pre-started at a hardware store, they were seeded with the rest of the garden. “Flowers” can take anywhere from 45 days to three months to begin flowering from seed. Regardless, with or without any purely aesthetic qualities, my garden is within ordinance. This is the issue, not how I can make people like it more. I have gone above the requirements of City code by mulching, edging, weeding, and choosing “pretty things” to plant at the outer edges. Also, every fruit, vegetable, herb, tree, shrub, grass, grain, and flower, flowers. They are all different sizes, shapes, colors, and contrasts. I believe each is as beautiful as the next, and wish more people would feel the same.


12 Responses to Many Seem to Think…

  1. David McDonough says:

    I agree with your statement 100%. Your are within your rights as there are no ordinances against what you are doing. It’s not as if your cultivating poison ivy. This has to be stressful…… I wish you well.

  2. Your plants are beautiful and a tribute to your growing skills, whether they are flowers or vegetables, they are a joy. Stick to your guns – you are in the right.

  3. Your trouble is just further proof that none of us are really land OWNERS, as long as we are required to continue paying the yearly lease fee (property taxes).

    • marvelrae says:

      i dont believe the taxes are the problem. its our lack of being part of the process that is. if you want a thing in your community JOIN the group that makes the decisions and LEAD it. we cant complain if we are just sitting back letting them do things to us. if you cant participate directly participate by putting people into office who WILL lead instead of dictate. right now instead of just telling this family how good they are doing we NEED TO TELL THE CITY how good the family is is doing and how BAD the city is doing. blaming things on taxes is useless.

  4. i think your garden is beautiful and i think you are an inspiration! i won my fight with my city over a front yard garden, and i think you will win yours! you should not be afraid and you should not back down- truth really can triumph and you are in the right here- so good for you, and if you think i can help in any way, please stop by my blog and let me know- i have already posted your story. stay strong! all the best- julie bass

  5. Distinctive Flowers Manchester…

    […]Many Seem to Think… « VegetableYarden in Ferguson, Mo.[…]…

  6. dddylan says:

    Fruits and vegetables are lovely to look at and serve an important purpose! I hate that this has happened to you. It’s not fair.

  7. world is going to the dogs says:

    Its a sad day when you can even grow a garden, i dont care if it is in your front yard, because its Your front yard, all because a neighbor doesnt like it? You are in the wrong state! What is this country coming to? When is this going to stop? Before long neighbors will not want your kids to play outside in their own yard. So glad i live in the country!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I think your garden looks great-much better than so many poor dehydrated lawns-and is clearly a well-cultivated labor of love. How this differs from a front yard with bushes and trees, I don’t understand. As a longtime Ferguson resident, I’m embarrassed by the City’s actions, and I think these actions really undermine the efforts that have been made in recent years to step up the city’s image and make Ferguson an attractive place to live.

  9. marvelrae says:

    These comments to the family are wonderful & i hope encouraging to the family BUT unless you are saying the SAME THINGS to the CITY/CODE enforcement people they will do NO GOOD. the city needs to be REMINDED that TAXPAYERS pay their salary. that TOURISTS put money in their coffers and that VISITORS WILL NOT spend their $$$$ in this city if it tolerates the kind of HARASSMENT by one of its departments. there are consequences for this sort of thing. they need to BE REMINDED what they are doing to one family affects the ENTIRE city now & in the future. as an example : we have family all over the state of MO.. this extended family can easily boycott the city as a place to spend any tax/tourist dollars. if you think hundreds of members of ONE family can do this – how many others can affect them. Encourage the city its in their BEST INTEREST to STOP the harassment and BECOME A LEADER in doing what this family is already leading the way in.

  10. Revel says:

    More power to you! It’s not about making it acceptable to other people by making it “pretty.” Why don’t we all plant gardens and reduce hunger in America and around the world? I don’t think starving people would give a damn whether your garden was pretty or not. (By the way, it is quite beautiful anyway).

  11. Anonymous says:
    This will tell you the best flowers to plant with your food plants. They will help to aid in growth, pest control, and production. This is not me telling you to bend to them but rather help what you have and give you the chance say ” I have got flowers to.” I have done this in a small scale and it worked rather well.

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