Without Purpose…

I cut my grass today, in a rather angry fashion. I shaved it to within a literal inch of it’s life, in hopes that it will be nearly a month before I have to cut it again. I used 32 minutes of time, and just over half a gallon of gasoline. It’s seldom realized that there is a 10’x20′ patch of lawn between the garden and the driveway. My garden truly doesn’t take up the “entire front yard”. My fiance just so happened to talk me out of planting it, this year. I was actually able to get the mower inside the garden, and cut back a couple areas that didn’t grow in as hoped. I had been just trimming it back by hand.

Nature can not be tolerated in a front yard, let alone a front yard garden. I murdered many wild “weeds”, all attempting to live, feed themselves, thrive, find their place, etc. I suddenly felt a deep connection to the vegetation I was destroying. Their dilemma was truly no different than my own. An entity, of self appointed power, deciding what will happen without rational understanding. This garden growth had not wronged me in any way. They were not unsightly prior to their annihilation. Now, exposed dirt and severed roots lay where once was greenery in bloom.They did not give off an offensive odor. They weren’t harboring infestations of plague ridden vermin. They were only existing. They exerted a minimalist impact on this world. They took no more than they needed. They harbored no ill will towards any other life. They did not waste, they did not want.

Our ordinances state that weeds, vines, and overgrowth do not include cultivated plants, or vegetation in gardens. Regardless, it can be assumed that if I decided against “maintaining” my garden, it would cause additional hardship towards our situation. Here ordinances do not matter as much as opinion does. I’d rather let them all stay.


4 Responses to Without Purpose…

  1. David McDonough says:

    Should be a writer……..I would’ve kept reading.

  2. oh, man- sounds like you’ve had quite a rough day. been there, done that. that’s about all i can say for now, i guess. hope it gets better soon… (julie)

  3. dddylan says:

    This makes me want to cry. My front yard garden and patio container garden are not forbidden by my HOA. So far, no one has complained. My next door neighbor thinks my front yard garden (cucumber w/trellis, tomatoes w/tower, herbs and marigolds) is beautiful. It would be like losing a friend if I couldn’t have it anymore.

  4. ElleRae says:

    I recommend planting clover where all the grass is (johnnyseeds.com sells bulk clover seed, it’s where I get mine from). It will eliminate mowing, it takes foot traffic well, and it loads the soil with nitrogen. It’s a great cover crop as well. It’s what I’ve done … and I’m likely to go through the same thing you have with your garden. I converted my entire front and back yards to garden last year and have had many many comments from the city inspector here. It’s only a matter of time before they try to pursue legal action … and let’s just say it isn’t in their best interest to do so.

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