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At 2:30pm today, Code Enforcement officer Brian Harper drove down our street, briefly stopped in front of our house, continued to the end of the street (dead end street), and then turned around. On his return trip, he sat in front of the garden for about one minute, before leaving the street entirely. He didn’t stop by any other homes, or take any time to inspect other properties besides our own. While I understand it is a public street, I don’t feel it was appropriate for him to stop in front of our home, and gawk at our garden for such a length of time. Code Enforcement has been told by the City to “leave us alone” until after our Board of Adjustment appeal. Do you consider this continued harassment, or am I over-reacting?


6 Responses to Take a poll…

  1. Sheri says:

    Stalking, Bullying, Psychological harassment= Harassment

  2. total continued harassment. keep a notebook, which will make you look totally paranoid, but will be handy if/when you ever need it. like a good boy scout: always be prepared. but don’t let it consume your life, either- which, trust me, it can- all too easily. hug your wife, play with your baby, go out for ice cream. and let them park and stare at your garden. at the end of the day, who really cares? you are in the right. so live your life, and don’t let them make your days sour. take the high road and offer him a cup of iced tea. or don’t. but a life well lived is the best revenge. just think of how hot and miserable he must be sitting in that car while you have a lovely family and an awesome garden. deep breaths. this will all be over in the blink of an eye, even though it doesn’t feel that way now. just live. just live. just live…

  3. Ryan Turpin says:

    This sounds all to familiar! This is Ryan again the friend of Julie Bass’s. When all of the mumbo jumbo was happening to her, I can remember her having a real feeling of being watched and “why won’t they leave me alone!”. I think that she finally got to a point that instead of peaking out the window of her own house and feeling like she was being spyed on that she decided to take the the high road and make an effort to simply wave to whom ever was slowly doing the “garden drive by” to show them that what she was doing with her property was not a big plot to take over the city or to turn all of oak park into a corn field. But she was simply exercising her families right to grow healthy food and it just happened to be in the front yard. So she did! She would wave! and sometime the city code inspector would just keep on driving but I think he even stopped at one point and had a normal conversation like neighbors used to have. I loved going over to her house because there were always people admiring what she had bravely done. She would tell me of conversations she had with older folks who would talk to her about their memories of the war time victory gardens, even getting a little emotional at times.
    I guess what I am saying is don’t let them get under your skin! Make a game out of it and give the code Inforcement guy a big wave with a big smile on your face. Hell! walk out to the curb and offer him an iced tea! Kill him with kindness!. I will never forget the moment right befor the final hearing started and the code Inforcement guy casualy walked up to Julie and have her a big smile and said ” good luck mrs Bass!” and you could tell that he meant it. This was Because Julie handled the whole situation with the utmost class and respect! We should all take a page from Julie’s book, because as a whole we have forgotten what being friendly to our neighbors is all about. A community will not work if we don’t treat each other as brothers and sisters alike. So get that pitcher of iced tea ready and start one neighbor at a time. That’s how change will really come about. Good luck! And keep on waving 🙂 -Ryan

  4. It is suspicious, but it’s also possible that this individual was just curious what all the fuss was about. Did you recognize the driver?

  5. Cynthia in Denver says:

    Taking the power of positive assumption, perhaps he personally believes it to be cool! I work for a county gov’t agency and anytime I drive by a front yard garden, I make a few passes or park in front of the home and stare out of envy! I might pass by a few more times on different days to try and catch the owners outside and beg them to give me a tour of their garden!!! I then ask lots of questions and exchange seeds! (My personal favorite to give out are my dragon carrot seeds).

    Sigh, alas, and oh well …. this doesn’t appear to be the case for you and I am sorry to hear it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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