Another Creepy Drive By…

Yesterday, July 9th, 2012, Code Enforcement once again sat in front of my house in an intimidating fashion. This happens on a weekly basis, even though they have been told by the City to “leave us alone”. A video of this encounter can be seen at: Code Enforcement 7-9-12

*UPDATE* Written July 17th

I posted the above just after midnight, and a few hours later, went to the ER at St. John’s Mercy. I have a 5mm kidney stone that has deposited itself in my upper ureter on my left side. The pain is excruciating, and though I’ve gone through 10 prior ER worthy kidney stones,  and hundreds of smaller ones I suffered through at home, this one seems different. I’ve been retaining water in my extremities, having chest pains, lightheaded and short of breath. I was sent home to wait it out with a prescription for Percocet. The meds did nothing for the pain, and I returned to St. John’s later that day.  A few more tests, and I was sent home with Vicodin this time. Again, they did nothing for the pain. I ended up being admitted to St. John’s, and was kept for 4 days, with no change in my stone placement. It has been lodged in the same spot for more than 2 weeks now. I’m sadly uninsured, and was told at the hospital that any procedure to remove the stone is “too expensive”. Clinics that provide free or sliding scale cost services have a six week application time. Due to my chronic kidney condition, I’m unable to be insured. Due to my not being insured, I can’t be treated.

I left the hospital, picked my son up from a friend that graciously watched him, and returned home. I spent 3 hours weeding, trimming, pruning, and harvesting my week’s neglected garden. I hope the City got pictures while I was away. It was in rough shape. I wish it didn’t seem like such a chore. I’m under extreme scrutiny, and it’s overwhelming. Not to mention, 2 weeks of 105+ temps here in St. Louis offered some neglect as well. Stress + dehydration = $20,000 in additional medical debt. You should see the list of things I’m not supposed to eat in order to help reduce my kidney stone development. Leafy greens, beans, soy, meat of any kind (especially red meat), sweet potatoes, caffeine, processed foods, canned goods, (will continue later, wifey needs the comp)


36 Responses to Another Creepy Drive By…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Next time, offer them a salad. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    I’m very sorry that you’re under this type of attack. Intimidation on your own property, I am speechless. Next time, you should clean your guns at a card table at the end of your driveway. In a completely non-intimidating fashion.

  3. Melissa says:

    Might be fun to mess with them back…..sit in your front yard and stare back, you could invite others over and we can all sit and stare at them 😉

  4. runnerdad says:

    We had exactly the same thing happen to us in Oak Park Michigan this exact time last year. We also won our fight against the city and all the charges were dismissed. My advice is to simply ignore the intimidation and stick to your guns. you can read the entire story on Julies blog

    And yes, I agree with anon…offer them a salad. 🙂

    Hang in there.

  5. wadingacross says:

    Just heard about this. I live in Ferguson as well. We happen to have a couple of tomatoes growing in pots next to the front of our house because, like you, we’ve had a terrible time growing gardens in our backyard. I’m not keen on the idea of growing a whole garden in my front yard, but I understand your reasoning and frankly don’t see a big problem with it. I do believe that some government employees – specifically code – seem to have too much time on their hands, especially when it comes to looking for fines, fees and brining money to the city’s coffers.

    On a tangential note, I’m a bit perturbed with the Prop C bill. It’s another tax. Let’s see… our property taxes went up last/this year due to the firehouse and now the city wants us to increase our property taxes again for a community center rehab. Never mind that we are still in the middle of an economic slump, many of us are un or under employed.

    I’m thinking of writing a blog article on it.

    On your endeavors, more power to you! Wish you the best. Keep fighting.

  6. i’m sorry you have to deal with this continued frustration- just remember that you are right and correct- and don’t let them ruin your time in the sun. because if they can mess with your head then they win, and that’s just wrong in the biggest sense. hang in there and fight the good fight- lots of folks are behind you!! you are in my thoughts and prayers- julie

  7. p.s.- if you didn’t guess by now, runnerdad is my husband 🙂

  8. Android says:


    […]Another Creepy Drive By… « VegetableYarden in Ferguson, Mo.[…]…

  9. Hi Karl, Frederick from Bondi Locals @ Bondi FM, Sydney, Australia ( One has to wonder how the fuck those idiots standing out there are thinking to behave in such a stupid way, without reason, or thinking. Fucking disgusting, inhuman trash.

    As for the city council, that they do not change the ordinances, if they need changing, just shows they are scared of taking initiative to live and provide for your family outside the system. They just want to kill your spirit, rather than talk to you as a man. Why they give one ill-educated so much power to complain is hypocritical compared to their lack of support in other areas, as so many city councils do.

    The bottom line is people like you confront the system, and those stupid cunts outside your home are the drones the big guys have employed with favours of security at the expense of your own.

    I, and I am sure all those at Transition Bondi, Transition Sydney, and the Transition Town movement are behind you, as are many other people closer to your home. At worst, your neighbours can stand with you if bulldozers come, and I am sure there will be a breach of constitution there somewhere. Is there a community sensitive lawyer over there? After reading the incredible suing cases won in court over there, how your case can be overlooked is extraordinary.

    Remember, these people that are governing you have no conscience. You, and those behind you, do. There are more of you than you think. Your taxes are paying for those idiots wasting time and money on your garden. This system will not last much longer.

    You are dealing with stupid, inept, drones. They do not think.

    Find that lawyer who can help pro rata. They will get their payment with their winning the case. As they will.

    I have posted your page on the Bondi Locals facebook page.

    Peace to you all. 🙂

  10. Phyllis Y says:

    You might be eligible for health insurance through a state or federal pool: As for the garden thing, hang in there. You aren’t alone!

  11. John R says:

    Keep up the great work, a vegetable garden is by far more attractive that bushes & scrubs it is eatable. The cit is wrong, it is your land to do what you wish with, it is not agriculture in the sense of a business it is for home and community use and not the domain of the city.

  12. It’s totally pathetic. I think that you should be encouraged to grow your vegetables. The city is wrong and they are just a bunch of bureaucrats who have nothing better to do. If you have an email address for them, I would delight in telling them what I think. My name is Anthony Slark, British but living with my Nepalese wife in Kathmandu, Nepal. We grow lots and lots of wonderful organic vegetables here as almost all Nepalis do if they have a yard. Growing vegetables and fruit etc is what everybody should be doing and they can even give the excess away to the needy. Here in Kathmandu, neighbours are always taking their neighbours fruits and vegetables when they have enough. It’s a good feeling. You should start it there but maybe people want sterile, manicured lawns only there. My email address is:- and I would be delighted to hear from you to tell me how this thing turns out for you. In the meantime, lots of good luck and enjoy your vegetables.

  13. karl- if you get a second and you are up to it, could you email? ryan has my email address or you could email me through my blog. in the meantime, is it possible to get some folk from the neighborhood or a church or a local service org. to help with the garden until you are back on your feet? pain can be so debilitating; i’m really really sorry for what you are going through right now… been there/done that hugs- julie

    • ridiculed says:

      Thank you for the concern, bur the activity actually helps with the pain. As well, the garden was my undertaking, and therefore my responsibility. Arrogant pride perhaps. I don’t trust people enough for that anyhow…

      • Tammy says:

        Apple Cider vinegar dissolves Kidney stones. within 24 hours you will notice a difference, you can dillute it half and half water to help get it down, take an ounce an hour for the next couple days. It makes a big difference. My husband was in your position with the kidney stones, he took the vinegar straight and they dissapeared/dissolved.

      • val says:

        There is a little weed Phyllanthus niruri that is everywhere here in FL… I don’t know if it is where you are, but it is also sold online as Chanca Piedra “stone-breaker” it is the best herb in the world for dissolving stones and letting them pass out of the body… be well 🙂

      • carlos says:

        I would agree with Val and recommend Chanca Piedra!
        Very good stuff indeed.
        Awesome garden keep up the good work and standing in your truth.

  14. Stacy says:

    I applaud you! People who are complaining about your garden should be ashamed of themselves. We should have the right grow our own vegetables. In fact, in this economy…we should be ENCOURAGED to grow our own. Being green doesn’t just mean driving expensive hybrid vehicles!! Best wishes and I wish you a plentiful harvest!

  15. rebeccajblock says:

    I just heard of your situation. I can’t believe this is happening in Missouri!! From home gardeners near Springfield, MO (who eventually plan to plant food in the front yard), you have our family’s support. I wish we lived closer & could help you tend your garden during this time.

  16. Em says:

    Please try to get some dried nettles and make nettle infusions and drink this. Nettles are a kidney tonic and are amazingly healing they are a gentle diuretic more like a balancer. My sister had kidney stones during her pregnancy and was taking heavy pain meds etc…as soon as she started drinking the nettles she wasn’t having ANY pain. Also try some high doses of d-mannose, which is used many times for UTI but can be beneficial for stones as well and protect from any infection that the stone might induce.

    I like to add spearmint to make my nettles more flavorful. I think you should try to drink about a qt a day for a few days and see how you feel .

    Good luck to you with this crazy ordeal, I hope you can come out on top and settle this and get your life back to normal.

  17. Em says:

    Here is how to make the infusions, it’s very simple.

  18. woody says:

    Hell…I’ll pull weeds for you next time you’re down. It would be worth the drive in to town.

  19. nicole says:

    Kuddos to you. I live in Ferguson. My neighbor has an unsightly front yard of overgrowth that attracts insects & critters. Their back yard and carport look like an episode of hoarders, yet code enforcement is looking at them. *sigh* Your garden is beautiful. I hope you feel better soon & that the recent changes in healthcare laws are beneficial to your situation.

  20. jeremy says:

    lemon juice and olive oil will soften the stone and allow it to break up and pass

  21. Eddie says:

    During World War II, 40% of our produce came from Victory Gardens. This nation will soon be going into increasingly more difficult economic times and all lawns, front, side, and back will have to be converted to gardens to augment each family’s food supply. The best time to build a garden is probably five or more years ago; it takes that much time to get the soil to yield its maximum. Where practicable, all people should develop food growing skills. Our nation’s goal should be to restore our agrarian past, not destroy it.

  22. amy says:

    Have you tried apple cider vinegar for the stones? Not sure how much to take, but you can google it. Also look up Dr. Mercola. Sorry for your pain…love the garden!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have used asparagus extract for cleaning kidneys, to help dissolve the stones, etc. TRY IT.

  24. Hi, Karl Tricamo, I found your story on facebook. And I am praying for you and your family’s freedom to do with your land, what you please, especially because you are setting a good example for others to follow and empower themselves not to depend on the system so much.

    I wanted to touch on the subject of your kindey stones. My husband recently experienced this. Some ways to nourish your body and especially your kidneys is Watermelon, Lemons, Limes, and daily doses of Raw Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tbs in 1 cup of water, up to 3 times per day. You can add honey, molasses or stevia to help with the flavor. Also stay away from any soda, antacids, sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

    Your triumph is the People’s Triumph ❤ You are doing great, hang in there.

  25. I forgot to say, Thank you, for standing up for your rights and not letting the gubment bully you. Thank you.

  26. Thomas says:

    Hey man, google stone breaker for that kidney stone. It will dissolve easily.

  27. Martin says:

    Dr Norman Walker in the book fresh fruits and vegetable juices on page 23-24 discusses kidney stones can be dissolved internally with the following method.
    Drink ten-twelve glasses of hot water with the juice of one lemon per day along with carrot, beet, cucumber juice daily. Along with nothing else for a few days. the kidney stone will dissolve and pass by itself

  28. Mike says:

    Film them then sue them.

  29. […] first lay down hay and plant grass, and later to rip up his vegetables. But, as he documents on his blog, the constant harassment and drive-bys for months were not easy on him and his […]

  30. Judy NZ says:

    I agree with Martin about the Lemon. Not only does it dissolve the stones but balances the PH of the body generally A meyer Lemon tree by the front dooe would be nice. Yellowing in the toilet is removed also. I used to have a lot of stones. Cranberry juice is great too if you can get organic.
    Everyone should get together & start learning about the difference between Common Law (law of the land) & Admiralty law The fictional law of the Sea which the elite have snuck in around the world.
    These PUBLIC SERVANTS are traitors to the people who pay their wages.

    As the corporates become more determind to price people out of their homes, fill our food with poisons you need to know your rights more & more. Split the study between a group & discuss findings. You might find it exciting, certainly a shock at how we have been shafted. Listen to Drake here: I’m not yet sure he is for real but he certainly knows his law.
    Good on you. This is happening in Canada, Australia, off the top of my head. I wonder when they will have a go in New Zealand.

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