Open Letter Regarding Growing Food…

This is a letter written by Julie Bass, a forefront advocate of front yard gardening. It entails the stresses and harassment that front yard gardeners have received in recent times, and aims to help put an end to such oppression. She has her own blog, and the letter can be found HERE. While the letter does focus primarily on front yard gardens, it lends advocacy towards all home based food practices. It is an “open letter”, and she has given permission to revise it in any way that helps tailor it to people’s individual needs. Please take a look at her site, and feel free to share it, as well as the letter with any public officials, or other persons that can help our cause. We can only retain freedoms if we fight to preserve them

Again, her site and the letter can be found here:


2 Responses to Open Letter Regarding Growing Food…

  1. thanks for this!- let’s hope lots of people get the word out and maybe we can generate some momentum on this thing…

  2. This has been something I have wanted to do for many years, I am also thinking of asking green house owners if there is any way they can help with this project. Many people don’t even use their greenhouses or use them very little.

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