Many Seem to Think…

June 20, 2012

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In several of the comments that have been left, a common thought is that I should “plant flowers” or other ornamental vegetation. Every plant in the garden was grown by a seed that I sowed personally. There are more than 10 flower bushes, and an equal amount of ornamental amaranth planted along the front perimeter of my garden. They were not bought pre-started at a hardware store, they were seeded with the rest of the garden. “Flowers” can take anywhere from 45 days to three months to begin flowering from seed. Regardless, with or without any purely aesthetic qualities, my garden is within ordinance. This is the issue, not how I can make people like it more. I have gone above the requirements of City code by mulching, edging, weeding, and choosing “pretty things” to plant at the outer edges. Also, every fruit, vegetable, herb, tree, shrub, grass, grain, and flower, flowers. They are all different sizes, shapes, colors, and contrasts. I believe each is as beautiful as the next, and wish more people would feel the same.



June 18, 2012

Please let it be known, that while the City as a whole is not particularly in our favor, Code Enforcement/ Public Works initiated this situation. Council as a whole has been mostly indifferent, the City Manager is in a tough spot to be, and the Mayor has been as supportive as his position allows. Please do not let anger and hostility overshadow the issues at hand. I’ve tried to be meticulously articulate with everything on this site. Once things are shared, details can become askew the further down the line they go. For instance, I am not facing any jail time, which was stated today by a concerned advocate. Thank you all for the amazing effort in standing up for us.

Waiting game…

June 17, 2012

All is quiet as we wait for a date to be set for a hearing by a citizen’s board to “appeal” code enforcement’s decisions. I find this absurd, as we have yet to be officially cited with a specific violation. I see it as a PR stunt by the city in an attempt to quiet our stance, and to keep us out of a courtroom. I wish I could have just gotten my point across months ago.

Ferguson Council Meeting

June 13, 2012

Council meeting went very well. Missouri State Congressman, Russ Carnahan, happened to be in attendance. A Post-Dispatch writer was also there, and wants to do a major story on our endeavor. Several residents showed “intensive” support for our garden. I just wish that one of the Councilmen would not have lit up his cigar after the meeting, less that 2 feet away from my infant son. Who by the way, didn’t cry or fuss a single time during the 2 1/2 hour meeting (My son, not the councilman, which was quite moody and fussed several times). Thanks again for the continued support. You can only retain freedoms if you act to preserve them.

And so it begins…

April 30, 2012

I am currently adding info pages, and will “blog” once I sort through it all. Ferguson City Council meeting this Tuesday, June 12th. Anyone that wishes to show support for our garden, or to stand up against misguided government should attend. 7:00pm at Ferguson City Hall. My fiance and I will be speaking, and you can have 3 minutes of your own to voice your opinions. Thank you all for the continued support.