Plant List

Our garden is entirely comprised of non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties. They will produce naturally healthy foods, and the seeds of which will be able to produce the same quality of plants/produce in the future.
There are many concerns regarding the consumption of GMO foods and food products. They have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, and sterilization in laboratory animal tests. The government as a whole denies these assumptions, but I feel there is substantial information to support these claims. The country of Peru has actually established a 10 year moratorium banning all GMO’s due to these concerns. I wish not to feed my family genetically manipulated foods that are covered in toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides. The following list details the different varieties I have in my garden. I have many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, and beans, in order to find those that grow well in our climate/region. In the future, I will grow those that outperformed others, and discontinue those that did not fare as well. This will allow more room for different herbs, grains, fruits, and vegetables in the future.

Chinese Red Noodle Vining Long Bean
Ianto’s Vining Fava Bean
Purple Podded Vining Pole Bean
Red Bisbee Vining Cowpea

Contender (Buff) Valentine Bush Bean
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean
Fledderjohn Edamane Bush Soybean
Henderson’s Lima Bush Bean
Holstein Bush Cowpea
Roma II Bush Bean

Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet Corn
Wade’s Giant Indian Flint Corn

Golden Giant Amaranth
Joseph’s Coat “Perfecta” Amaranth
Oats, Hulless
Black Seed Sesame
Red’s Red Sweet Sorghum
Titan Sunflower

Orange Bell Pepper
Purple Bell Pepper
Quadrato D’asti Rosso Pepper
Quadrato D’asti Giallo Pepper
Anaheim Pepper
Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper
Cayenne Long Thin Pepper
Corno di Toro Giallo Pepper
Craig’s Grande Jalapeno Pepper

Resentraube Grape Tomato
Black Mauri Grape Tomato
Gajo de Melon Grape Tomato
Tsungshigo Chinese Grape Tomato
Tigerella Grape Tomato

White Tomesol Tomato
Malakhita Shkitulkavaya Tomato
Carbon Tomato
Henderson’s Pink Tomato
Pineapple Tomato
Hillbilly Flame Tomato
Pantano Romanesco Tomato
Beauty King Tomato
Striped Roman Tomato

Table Queen Acorn Bush Squash
Emerald Gem Melon
Ali Baba Watermelon
Chinese Yellow Cucumber

Ground Cherry
Aswad Eggplant
Burgundy Okra
Chia – Crown Jewels
Slo Bolt Cilantro


5 Responses to Plant List

  1. Anonymous says:

    That Is a wonderful list of fruits and vegies!!!

  2. It’s absurd for them to expect us to believe that if it’s harmful to weeds and insects that it somehow is magically not also harmful to human beings. It’s part of the plan for global domination. They need do only 3 things to accomplish it: control the money, the food/water and the population. Less people is easier to control.

  3. leeloo says:


  4. Judy says:

    Your garden or Yarden is beautiful. I want to follow what happens so will visit your website often. Good luck. Those who don’t like this should be jealous because they will have to buy from a store and an unknown grower where you can just walk outside. Well done!!

  5. Laura says:

    Hello there – we think your yarden is gorgeous … when we lived in Pittsburgh, we grew tomatoes, peppers, herbs, sunflowers, edible flowers, squashes, cucumbers, root vegetables, legumes and lettuces in our flower beds, along our sidewalks, along our driveway, anywhere we could stick something in the ground and/or a pot. Nobody gave us a hard time, and quite frankly, we think your code enforcement goons are just plain out of line. Good luck and keeping growing …

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