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47 Responses to Pictures

  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with his garden in front?? It’s neat, tidy, don’t see a bunch of weeds. It looks like it is far enough from the curb that it shouldn’t present a problem for anyone backing out of a driveway. The rest of the yard is kept up and looks tidy. I say more power to him!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks very nice. I am just wondering, does exhaust gas from cars affect your greens?

  3. Anonymous says:

    so, mowing your grass and putting fumes into the air is better than putting a veggie garden in?? Don’t get the point, obviously neighbors need to gripe at something, way to go for thinking outside the box. Neighbors loss…..don’t share those veggies with the haters!

    • kitinstlouis says:

      I’m sure it’s just one neighbor with a lot of energy who is complaining. That’s the way it works in municipalities, one person can wreck a business or prevent you from hanging wash or growing a garden. It’s a shame. Perhaps there should be an ordinance against pesticide and herbicide runoff from lawns that poisons our drinking water.

  4. eafinct says:

    Bravo to you! It looks carefully tended and abundant!

    This should be supported and not discouraged. Is there a group of community-supported agriculture folks near you, who could lend support?

  5. John Helwig says:

    Your front lawn garden looks better than the original fron lawn……;-)

  6. Anonymous says:

    The grass looks like crap in everyone’s yards anyway. Might as well use that space productively.

  7. It is the douche on the block with the meticulously manicured property who is complaining. More people need to see this video. Share it to death. Let’s get people to start thinking differently and to get any covenants and restrictions pertaining to turfgrass CHANGED!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Since when are we not able to grow, or not grow, what we want in our own yard. What my neighbors think about my yard is not my concern and vice versa.

  9. Shirley says:

    KEEPUP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!! We need more of this today. Bring back the old traditions that keep america going.

  10. Margaret says:

    It’a your Yard Your work to Heck with the complainer. Neat and tidy looks good to me.

  11. I like it and people need to eat

  12. Lisa Smith says:

    It’s a gorgeous garden, very orderly and well kept. I think if more people would do this the paradigm would change quickly. Best of luck to you with the “powers that be”!

  13. URL says:

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  14. Sonya says:

    Lovely, lovely garden! It’s your property, you should be able to use it in such a positive fashion. I’d much rather there be an organic garden next to my house instead of being next to the neighbours with the picture perfect lawn always having poisons dumped on it to keep it looking that way. I hate having to hide away inside when he’s spraying nasties!! Keep strong and God bless.

  15. Anonymous says:

    We have to buy food by Monsanto, soon to be a law. You should have a garden if you want.

  16. JMChi says:

    Nice front garden. If you made it a potager garden it may help with the neighbors. They (like most) are probably looking at it from the superficial perspective of “looks” instead of the amazing fact that you are providing for your family!!!

  17. Jodothan says:

    Wonderful garden—beautiful to look at and see future food develop. This would make my viewof their house pleasant and appealing—now if they could also have a chicken house in the back yard to add some eggs and (later) chicken meat to the table.

    I live in a quasi rural, small town environment in PA and this is the norm rather than an anomalty where I live. We would consider this guy industrious, handy, and talented at growing/preserving his food. Hats off to you!

  18. Guest says:

    I didn’t hear anyone complaining about Michelle putting a veggie garden on the White House lawn. Your garden is beautiful. Wish I could grow veggies that pretty. And would love to have you for my neighbor.

  19. JACKY says:

    plant some marigolds or another easy to take care flower! write to michelle obama. we will all need to do this to help out with the cost of fresh veggies. put fruit trees in the back yard!!!!

  20. veg*nlady says:

    I could only wish my simple square foot gardens looked this good! Awesome job…what IS their problem?? I wonder what a university botanical program would say about this? Or Lowes or other garden shops. Their snobbish attitude would cost plant/seed companies money….they might be willing to give their 2 cents worth…I bet the oldsters didn’t have this problem with their Victory Gardens.

  21. Ryan Turpin says:

    Just wanted to stop by and give some words of encouragement. To start my name is Ryan Turpin and I am a close friend of Julie bass( the garden renegade) heheh. I helped and followed her story very closely. I was so proud of how she stood strong and kept her cool with the crazyness the city threw at her and her family. To put it short what you are doing is a great thing in so many ways. You have every right to plant what you please and feed your family or neighbors no matter how much or how little you produce. So keep your head high and keep on keepin on. The pictures look great and it put a huge smile on my face to see another pioneer in a front yard garden. Love it! Your new friend and supporter-Ryan

  22. pixilated2 says:

    Beautiful! Love your trellising too! So stylish!

  23. tazotealuver says:

    Lovely….much better view than my neighbor’s yard across the street. (concrete…lol)

  24. […] what he’s doing is unattractive, but that’s a matter of perspective: take a look at the photos he’s taken during the process, and judge for yourself. It strikes me as much ado about […]

  25. […] what he’s doing is unattractive, but that’s a matter of perspective: take a look at the photos he’s taken during the process, and judge for yourself. It strikes me as much ado about […]

  26. anonymous says:

    When the neighbors make your house payments and pay your property taxes, THEN they can decide what you can or can’t do with your land. Wish my garden looked that lush! Grow on!

  27. Crazy ants like to nest in the soil of potted tropical plants. If they make their way indoors, these ants can be difficult to control.

  28. Julia says:

    I’ll sign a petition for you if that’s what it takes! It is very pretty AND useful. Some people just complain because they have nothing else to do!

  29. […] what he’s doing is unattractive, but that’s a matter of perspective: take a look at the photos he’s taken during the process, and judge for yourself. It strikes me as much ado about […]

  30. go says:

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  31. […] what he’s doing is unattractive, but that’s a matter of perspective: take a look at the photos he’s taken during the process, and judge for yourself. It strikes me as much ado about […]

  32. […] history, Karl Tricamo never imagined that it would be especially controversial when he decided to plant a garden in his yard in order to secure cheap, nutritious food for his family, but just to be sure he looked up all of […]

  33. Your yarden is amazing! I’m so jealous. I grow fruits in my front yard, though the majority are close to the house. I have strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and and apple tree all in the front yard.

    You have several people in the KC, MO area who support you. You should put a victory garden sign in your yard and bring back the time when it was patriotic to do what you are doing.

  34. Angela H says:

    This is beautiful! I’m glad you are winning so far! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  35. Becky says:

    Keep up the good work! So many don’t bother with a vegetable garden at all unfortunately. You are doing the right thing and stand strong. Can’t figure out why the city treats this any differently than someone who has an abundence of flowers. Does the mayor have an aversion to corn? Hehe

  36. Dan says:

    I have a flower / vegetable garden in my front yard- mostly in planter boxes and some vines on the ground. I just received the neighborhood association’s beautification award for July. I wish you had such a wonderful neighborhood association! Keep up the good work and make sure you fight this silly garbage 🙂

  37. Melissa says:

    Unbelievable, the monoculture of our yards is what is killing our soil. Bravo to you my friend, biodiversity is the only way to go. If people would just understand, you kill the soil you kill everything! And I’m not even going get into the comment “it brings to many insects in”, how absurd! Just watch “Dirt” the movie…

  38. Nissa says:

    You are so fantastic. I can’t believe how much work it must take to keep it as tidy and wonderful as you do. I echo all the above comments regarding home-grown food, wasteful lawns, minding one’s own business, etc. I definitely don’t have the time and energy for this but if I were your neighbor I would find a way to plant a yarden, too, so we could be a team!

  39. Shelli says:

    I no longer live in St. Louis, and currently live in Lincoln, NE. There is strong support here for community gardens and CSAs, as well as several notable front yard gardens. Not only do these gardens provide fresh, often organic, and nutritious food to families (many of which are in need), but you are indeed correct that they use fewer chemicals and less water than a traditional lawn. In fact, in light of the drought, many homeowners should consider converting at least to drought-tolerant native grasses. On top of these benefits, your garden appears to be quite nicely designed and maintained (current health issues and heat wave aside). I wish you much luck with your endeavor, and with the permission of Lincoln homeowners, I may try to send you pictures of others successfully and peacefully gardening in their own front lawns. Cheers!

  40. Since I am a person who loves gardening and gardens, I always love it when someone has plants in their front yard. I have a vegetable garden in our back yard and one across the street, neither of which look as lovely as yours. I am pleased to hear the city council is no longer telling you you can’t have a garden. The person who says your yard is an eyesore probably is not representative of everyone else in your town.

    I’m thinking there are some who would think our front yard is an eyesore, but many walk by and tell me how much they like it. I have some strawberries snuck into the area under a bench in the front, and am thinking about sneaking some other veggies in, but my husband is concerned about that. I have a blog. Please stop by and see my front yard. There is a label in the sidebar for the posts showing it.

  41. Beautiful! It looks like a lot of time love and energy was spent making this beautiful garden. Hats off to you and yours. Hope you WIN and make them think twice before doing this to anyone else! God Bless

  42. Your story is an example of the best of humanity and the worst of humanity. You’re putting effort into something wonderful, that doesn’t hurt or have to do with anyone else. I think I’m generally pretty good about at least having some understanding and insight into both sides of an issue, but not here. I just don’t get it, and I feel very sorry for you that you have to defend yourself when people should be admiring and applauding what you are doing. If I owned a house in your neighborhood, I would be inspired by you to do more good with my own yard. Right now I only rent an apartment and only have herb planters on the porch. One day I want to own a house, and I’ve never wanted a lawn. I was raised gardening right along side my parents in the yard. We didn’t really have much of a front yard, so most of the gardening was in the ‘side yards’, but it was extremely extensive and grew every year (and the lawn shrunk every year). A bunch of it’s still there even though my family hasn’t lived there in over ten years. I try to imagine the government coming over and telling my parents, or my young self. about what we could or couldn’t do with gardening. I just can’t quite do it. It just seems so outlandish, pointless, and unreasonable to me. What do these people (or maybe single, loud person) gain by stopping you?

  43. Teri says:

    TRUTH goes through 3 stages. 1st it is ridiculed, 2nd it is violently opposed, 3rd it is accepted as self evident.

    And so, you the leader in your area in the yarden movement have passed to the 3rd stage.

    You WON!

  44. Dawn says:

    Sounds like they are trying to legislate beauty. You are in for a fight unfortunately because what you are doing is untraditional and pioneering for modern times. Eventually the culture will catch up.

    There’s no reason to surrender, however. Move to middle ground. Block the garden from view of the neighbors by installing a half wall around the perimeter of your yard (check building codes for height regulations). Ensure the brick color matches your house brick for continuity. Plant pretty edible flowers in planters on the top of the wall. Neighbors will be less concerned about your yard’s appearance negatively affecting their property values if you present a pleasing view. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Garden on!

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